Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (Version: GDPR 1.0 dated 12/05/2018) was produced by:
Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei Datenschutz-Office Munich –

Data Protection

We, REGUMED Regulative Medizintechnik GmbH, are responsible for this website and as a provider of a teleservice, we must inform you about the type, scope and purposes of the collection and use of your personal data in a precise, transparent, clear and easily accessible manner in clear and simple terms at the start of your visit to our website. The content of this information must be accessible to you at any time. We must inform you about what personal data is collected or used. Personal data includes all information which relates to an identified or identifiable person.

The safety of your data and the respect of data protection laws is very important to us. The collection, processing and use of personal data is subject to the conditions set out in the current applicable European and national laws.

Using the following Privacy Policy, we would like to show you how we handle your personal data and how you can contact us:

REGUMED Regulative Medizintechnik GmbH
Robert-Koch-Straße 1a
82152 Planegg
Email: info(at)
Telephone: +49 89 85461-01
Fax: +49 89 85461-03
Commercial Register No: HRB 50535
Managing Director: Fengyuan Zhang

Our Data Protection Officer
Should you have any queries, you can contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:
Sven Lenz
Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei – Datenschutzkanzlei Lenz GmbH & Co. KG
Bahnhofstraße 50
87435 Kempten
Email: datasafety(at)
A. General

To improve comprehensibility, no distinction has been made between genders. In order to ensure equal treatment, the corresponding terms apply for both genders.

The meanings of notions such as “personal data” or the “processing” thereof can be found in Article 4 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The personal data pertaining to the user processed within the context of this website includes data from client lists (e.g. customers’ names and addresses), contract information (e.g. services used, names of advisers, payment information), usage data (e.g. websites visited from our website, interest in our products), and information regarding contents (e.g. data entered into a contact form).

“User” includes all groups of persons affected by data processing. This includes, for example, our business partners, customers, interested parties and other visitors to our website.

B. Specifics
Data protection policy for this online offer and further statements about information requirements pursuant to Art.13 GDPR regarding the collection of personal data from the subject concerned
We guarantee that we will only collect, process, save and use your data in connection with the processing of your requests, as well as for internal purposes and to provide services that you request or to provide content.
Principles for Data Processing
We only process user data in accordance with the applicable data protection requirements. User data will only be processed in the following instances as allowed by law:
  • to fulfil our contractual obligations (e.g. processing requests) and to provide online services.
  • if the processing is required by law
  • if you have provided consent
  • on the basis of our legitimate interests (i.e. interest in analysis, optimisation, business operation and safety of our website according to Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter f GDPR, especially in relation to reach of audience, creation of profiles for promotional and marketing purposes, collection of access data, and the implementation of services from third party providers)
We would be happy to show where the above-mentioned legal principles are regulated in the GDPR:
  • Consent:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter a and Art. 7 GDPR
  • Processing in order to deliver our services and fulfil contractual obligations:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter b GDPR
  • Processing in order to fulfil our legal obligations:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter c GDPR
  • Processing in order to protect our legitimate interests:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter f GDPR
Transmission of Data to Third Parties
Data is only transmitted to third parties in accordance with legal requirements. We only transmit user data to third parties where this is necessary for purposes of the contract or on the basis of legitimate interests relating to the commercial and effective operation of our business.
Where we employ subcontractors in order to provide our services, we make specific legal arrangements and take appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.
In general, the transfer of your personal data to the AKI Akademie für Komplementär- & Informationsmedizin GmbH takes place for the provision and processing of training courses, consultations and trainings. The transfer of personal data is based on consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 letter a) GDPR, insofar as consent has been given.
Google Analytics is not used on this website.
Transmission of Data to a Third Party Country or an International Organisation
Third party countries are defined as countries in which the GDPR is not directly applicable. Generally, this includes all countries outside the EU or European Economic Area.
Data is transmitted to a third party country or an international organisation. In this instance, care will be taken to ensure that the relevant specific/appropriate guarantees apply and you have enforceable rights and valid legal remedies.
A copy of these specific guarantees is available at the following websites:
Retention Period of your Personal Data
We respect the principles of data minimisation and data avoidance. This means that we only store the data provided to us for as long as is necessary to achieve the objectives stated above or as required under the terms of compulsory retention periods for legal purposes. Once the purpose no longer applies or the relevant retention period expires, your data will be blocked or deleted on a routine basis and in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.
We have designed a concept within the business to guarantee this procedure.
If you contact us by email, phone, fax, the contact form or other, you agree to electronic communication. Personal data will be collected within the context of making contact with us. The data that will be collected from a contact form, will be clear on the relevant contact form. Your data will be transmitted under SSL encryption. The data that you input will only be saved for the purposes of processing your request and for any follow-up questions.
We would be happy to confirm the relevant legal principles:
  • Processing in order to deliver our services and fulfil contractual obligations:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter b GDPR
  • Processing in order to protect our legitimate interests:
    Art. 6 Para. 1 Letter f GDPR
We use a type of software to protect customer data (CRM system) or a similar type of software on the basis of our legitimate interests (efficient and quick processing of customer requests).
We operate the system ourselves in-house. There is, therefore, no transmission of data to third parties.
Please note that emails can be read or modified by unauthorised parties whilst being transmitted, without this being noticeable. Please also be aware that we use software to filter unwanted emails (spam filter). Emails may be rejected by the spam filter if these show certain characteristics, which mean that they are falsely recognised as spam.
What Rights Do You Have?
a) Right to information
You have the right to obtain information about your data free of charge. Upon request, we will confirm in writing which of your personal data we have stored, in accordance with the applicable law. This also includes the source and recipient of your data, as well as the purpose of the processing of the data.
b) Right to correction
You have the right to request that your data be corrected, in the event of errors. You can also request the restriction of the processing of your personal data, e.g. while verifying the accuracy of the data.
c) Right to restriction of processing
Furthermore, you can request the restriction of the processing of your data. In order to ensure that the restriction of the processing of your data can be considered at any time, this data must be held in a restricted file for monitoring purposes.
d) Right to deletion
You can also request the deletion of your personal data, insofar as there is no legal obligation for the data to be stored. In the event that such an obligation applies, we will restrict the processing of your data upon request. Should the relevant legal provisions apply, we will also delete your personal data without your specific request in this respect.
e) Right to data portability
You have the right to request that we provide the personal data that you have shared with us in a format that can be transmitted to a third party.
f) Right to make a complaint to the relevant regulatory authority
You can address complaints to one of the data protection regulatory authorities.
Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA)
Promenade 27, D-91522 Ansbach, Germany
Telephone: +49 981 53-1300
Fax: +49 981 53-981300
The complaint form for the Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (Bavarian Data Protection Regulatory Authority) can be found at the following website:
g) Right to object
You can object to the future use of your data for internal purposes at any time. Sending an email on this topic to would suffice. The legality of all data processing that we had carried out prior to objection remains unaffected. This does not affect data processing in respect of all other legal principles, such as in the preparation of a contract (please see above).
Protection of your personal data
We take contractual, organisational and technical security measures, as far as technically possible, to ensure that the requirements under data protection laws are met and to protect the data that we process from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised parties.
In particular, the security measures include the encrypted transmission of data between your browser and our server. A 256-bit SSL (AES 256) encryption technique is used in this respect. This includes your IP address, provided that your IP address can be recognised.
Your personal data is protected in the context of the following points (extract):
  1. Protection of the confidentiality of your personal data
    In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, we have taken various steps to monitor access.
  2. Protection of the integrity of your personal data
    In order to protect the integrity of your personal data, we have taken various steps to monitor transmission and inputting.
  3. Protection of the availability of your personal data
    In order to protect the availability of your personal data, we have taken various steps to monitor order and availability.
The security measures that are currently in place are continuously improved in accordance with technological progress. Despite these precautions, due to the insecure nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to our website. Therefore, all transmission of data to our website is undertaken at your own risk.
Protection of Minors
People who are under the age of 16 may not transmit any personal data to us without prior authorisation from their parent or legal guardian. People who are under the age of 16 may, therefore, only provide us with personal information if they have received express prior authorisation from their parent or legal guardian, or if they are 16 or older. This data will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
We use cookies. Cookies are small text files which are stored locally in the cache of your Internet browser. Cookies allow the Internet browser to be recognised. The data is used to assist the browser to navigate the website and to allow the use of all of the features in full.
Our website uses browser cookies.
Control of Cookies by the User
Browser cookies: All browsers can be configured so that cookies are only accepted upon request. Settings can also be configured so that cookies are only accepted for websites that you are currently visiting. All browsers offer functions that allow the cookies to be deleted selectively. The acceptance of cookies can also be turned off in general, however it should then be expected that this website would become less user-friendly.
Use of Third Party Cookies
On our website, third party providers embed [additional] cookies in editorial content or advertisements (third party cookies). Third party providers are also subject to strict data protection legal requirements concerning the ability of personal data to be obtained.
How Long Do Cookies Last?
Cookies are operated by the web server of our website. This website uses: Temporary cookies/session cookies (single usage event, e.g., for customer log-in). Cookies last: until the website is closed
Persistent cookies (long-term browser recognition, e.g., for the use of a contact form or the statistics for videos that are played on the website). Cookies last: 30 days
Deactivating or Deleting Cookies (Opt-Out)
Every Internet browser offers the option to limit and delete cookies. Further information in this respect can be found on the following websites:
Transmitting Personal Data to Process an Order
In order to fulfil a contract, the personal data that we have collected is shared with the carrier responsible for delivery to the extent that is necessary for the delivery of the goods. We transmit payment details to the relevant credit institution in order to process payments. We do not perform credit checks ourselves.
Modification of our Data Protection Requirements
We reserve the right to adapt our Privacy Policy occasionally, in order to ensure that it meets all current legal requirements or to reflect changes to our services in the Privacy Policy. This could include the introduction of new services, for example. The revised Privacy Policy would then apply for your next visit.
Brand Protection
Ownership of all logos and trademarks included here is retained by the respective companies. Names and brands are only included for information purposes.
C. Provisions Specific to Russia

For users who are resident in the Russian Federation, the following applies:

The aforementioned services of our website are not intended for citizens of the Russian Federation who are resident in Russia.

If you are a Russian citizen resident in Russia, you are hereby expressly informed that any personal data that you provide to us through this website is provided at your own risk and responsibility. You also confirm that you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any failure to comply with laws of the Russian Federation.